Women’s Career Advancement Tips

How would you react if someone asked you how much you believed a woman should be paid on average for the same work performed by her male counterpart? Would you believe the wages were the same?

The straightforward answer is that they are not. The earnings disparity between men and women persists. Indeed, according to 2017 US census data, this ratio is a staggering 80.5 percent. In other words, for every £100 earned by a guy, a woman earns £80.50. And at the rate at which the wage disparity is closing, women will not achieve equal pay until 2059.

What Does This Imply For Today’s Women In Business?

Women today confront significant barriers to job equality. Three recommendations to assist women develop in their careers and advocate for their work are included below.
1. Take Pride in Your Career Advancement

Do not be afraid to express your commitment and desire to climb the corporate ladder. Whether you work for a huge corporation, a startup, or a nonprofit, you are your greatest advocate for obtaining the position you desire, so treat your future with dignity and give it your all.

Learning how to articulate your motivations is an excellent first step toward developing a self-promoting attitude. Consider what motivates you to come to work each day. Demonstrate your passion for your work.

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By pouring this enthusiasm into your work environment, you will encourage not just yourself, but also your team to achieve the organization’s goals.

Here Are Some Pointers On How To Accomplish This:

Adopt terminology that expresses your belief about the impact your work has on your clients, consumers, or community. Justify how this is directly related to your particular ambitions.
Adopt the mindset of “I want to be here, I want to establish my Career Coaching Women here, so I’m going to give this job everything I’ve got.” Share this committed mindset with your peers and seize possibilities that present themselves.

Demonstrate Your Willingness to Take on the Challenge

Hewlett-Packard conducted a study to determine why fewer women hold managerial positions. Men will apply for a job promotion if they believe they meet 60% of the criteria, however women would doubt their credentials unless they meet 100% of the criterion.

The Study’s Core Message Is: Simply Apply!

Three Obstacles Hindering Women's Career Advancement

Rather than viewing a lack of qualifications as a weakness, view it as an opportunity to sell your determination to succeed. Embrace self-promotion. Consider framing employment gaps in terms of opportunities to leverage prior experience. Utilize phrases such as “That is a fascinating task.” I’ve done something similar, so acquiring this talent will be effortless.” Alternatively, “I’ve encountered a similar situation in the past and used my creativity and dynamic thinking to develop the required skills to lead my team to success.”

If there are systems or experiences with which you need to get familiar prior to applying for a job or receiving a promotion, seek additional study or training materials to prepare. If you are unfamiliar with a system but have the desire to understand the ins and outs, your determination to find a solution may get you recognised.
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Networking, Networking, and Networking

It is critical to network constantly. Inquire about your coworkers’ and superiors’ responsibilities, experience, and recommendations on how to advance. Be candid and forthright with them about your job goals and want to learn. Individuals appreciate sharing their journeys with those who are interested in taking a similar road, and will gladly share their knowledge with you when possible.

Consider a time when you felt you possessed superior knowledge of a system or job. If someone wanting to benefit from your experience approached you for assistance, you’d be delighted to share your knowledge, correct? Consider yourself on the other side of this equation and solicit explanations from your peers on their roles or organisational viewpoints. You never know what you’ll discover or which relationship will end up functioning as your advocate for your next step.

When networking with folks outside of your organisation, it’s critical to have a polished elevator pitch that clearly communicates your present position and future objectives. Create elevator pitches of 30 seconds, one minute, and two minutes in length. Do you require assistance with this? Begin by filling in the blanks in the following sentences:

“In my current position, I am responsible for…”
“I’m so committed to the work I perform because…”
“My ultimate business objective is to have a greater impact on…”
“My ideal role would allow me to utilise my strengths…”

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Thus, take satisfaction in your career advancement, exhibit your willingness to take on new challenges, and continue to network. Bear in mind that your colleagues are a wealth of information. Connect with them and discuss your professional objectives, your organisation, and their experience; they are likely to aid you on your journey. Above all, keep in mind that you are your best advocate and deserve to be treated equally; thus, demonstrate to them that you have what it takes.

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