Touring the Best Wineries & Vineyards in Catalonia in a Car

Touring the Best Wineries & Vineyards in Catalonia in a Car

Located in the north-east of Spain, Catalonia is one of the most popular destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. With its amazing beaches and world-class cuisine, Catalonia is also home to some of the most famous Spanish wines in the country. Catalonia is today the second biggest producer of wine in Spain.

Many of these beautiful and breathtaking vineyards and wineries are located relatively close by, while some will require you to travel for a bit. The best way to check out these famous vineyards and wineries in Catalonia is to rent a car. There are several car rental companies in the area, and you will find it easier to travel from one vineyard to the next. There are many bed and breakfasts in the area as well that arrange rental cars to schedule your wine region tour. This site has more info about car hire: You can carry out a car rental comparison to check out the offers of different car rental companies before finalizing your car rental.

Here are some of the best wine-producing regions to visit in Catalonia in your rental car.

1. Penedes

The biggest and one of the most important wine-producing region in Catalonia is Penedes. This is also one of the oldest wine regions in Europe, going all the way back to the 6th century BC. Blessed with a diverse landscape, the region is well-suited for a wide variety of grapes.

Some of the most avant-garde wine producers of Spain have set up vineyards and wineries here. The region is home to Spain’s sparkling wine known as Cava. Penedes has its own controlled appellation, known as Denominacio d’Origen Qualificada (D.O.C).

There are many places here to make a stopover for the night before you move on to other wine destinations.

2. Priorat

Priorat is one of the most famous Catalan wine-producing region in the world. This region is the second region in Spain to have received the DOC special appellation for its outstanding consistency and quality of wines.

The uniqueness of the vineyards in this region is that the grapevines grow on heavily slanted hillsides, making it nearly impossible to mechanically pick up the grapes. This is also a reason why Priorat wines are some of the most sought-after in Europe.

3. Emporda

Drive your rental car to Emporda, located in the north-east of Catalonia.. Emporda is located near the popular seaside region known as Costa Brava. This wine region is known for its rose wine, which accounts for almost 60 percent of the annual production. There are over 20 grape varieties being grown in this region.

Here are some of the best vineyards and wineries in Catalonia to drive through in your self-drive car rental.

  • Celler Devinssi
  • Recaredo
  • Llopart Cava
  • Sabate i Coca – Castellroig
  • Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm
  • Celler Burgos Porta
  • Celler Mas Cicenc
  • Perinet
  • Pares Balta

The entire region is dotted with vineyards and wineries, and having a rental car with you will help you navigate these with ease. Many of the rental car companies in the region offer various plans to rent a car and tour the vineyards and wineries of Catalonia. So discuss the various options and select the rental car plan that suits your plans the best. If going by plane and are landing in Barcelona there is many options to rent a car directly at the airport. All major companies got a rental desk at Barcelona Airport. You will find all rental desks in the terminal when you arrive. Check prices from different companies before you book.


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