Taj Tower, The Crown of the New Capital

Taj Misr Developments is one of the most famous names in the Real estate industry within Egypt. They have decided to build Taj Tower New Capital after their previous projects within the New Administrative Capital such as De Joya 1, De Joya 2 and De Joya 3; These 3 compounds were a good example of how these company was successful, which made them build a compound after another because of the high demand over their projects.

Taj Misr also has previous experience in building commercial and administrative towers that came before building Taj Tower New Capital as they have previously build Ezdan Mall in the New Capital too.

In this article we will mention the most valuable elements about Taj New Capital, such as its distinctive location, competitive prices and numerous services & facilities.

Prices of Taj Tower New Capital

Taj Tower’s prices are deemed very competitive, especially that the prices within the same area of CBD are higher and less distinctive, as Taj Tower prices start from 35,000 EGP for the administrative units, and in the same area the prices can reach twice this price, there are also some other units with prices that reach 55,000 EGP that are considered more special because of its location within the mall itself and its view, whether if it was overlooking the Iconic Tower directly, or the Green River, or even Egypt’s Mosque.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel - Wikipedia

The prices of Taj Tower’s commercial units are also more affordable than the prices of the other malls, towers, and projects that exist within the same area of CBD, as it starts from 100,000 EGP to 270,000 EGP and it depends mainly on the floor, the space and the view of the unit.

Services and Facilities of Taj New Capital

The Tower of Taj New Capital provides multiple facilities within the premises of the building and within the tower from the inside in all its different floors. Here we will mention some of these services:

  • The tower provides a lot international and local restaurants & cafes, with different types of cuisines to please all the different tastes.
  • Taj Tower consists of 47 floors which will attract the eyes of the by passers and provided with a lot of elevators and escalators to support the high traffic it will host.
  • The tower will be secured and supervised all over the day with the highest safety measures and criterion.
  • There will be open areas in Taj New Capital and other areas that are specialized for kids, which will make family visits more regular and more pleasurable.


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