Launch Prop Trading in a Few Clicks: Brokeree Solutions Releases Prop Pulse Solution

Launch Prop Trading in a Few Clicks: Brokeree Solutions Releases Prop Pulse Solution

Brokeree Solutions, an international provider of turnkey technologies for multi-asset brokers, announced the release of a new product designed specifically for prop trading operations – Prop Pulse. With a decade of experience in software development and over 250 brands using its flagship Social Trading and PAMM, Prop Pulse by Brokeree is set to become the industry standard for prop trading firms.

The solution is available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

What is the New Prop Pulse by Brokeree?

The Prop Pulse is designed to provide brokerages and starting proprietary firms with a competitive and efficient infrastructure for account management. With its turnkey functionality, brokerages and prop firms can build a full-cycle customer journey, taking traders from the registration form to a scalable funded phase.

It extends the trading platform functionality with the ability to:

  • Register and onboard new clients;
  • Create customizable challenges for traders;
  • Configure up to 20 objectives;
  • Monitor and evaluate traders’ performance;
  • Manage risks with the customizable thresholds;
  • Receive emergency notifications.

Key Features

As stated above, the key functionality of the solution is the ability to create unlimited challenges for traders. For each challenge, brokers may specify objectives and constraints with per-step accuracy to configure trading conditions. After completing this step, the Prop Pulse will move the trader to the next one until the whole challenge is finished.

Similarly, if the trader has proven their skills in the evaluation phase and got the funded account, Prop Pulse will update their conditions, including balance and profit split, moving the trader to the next level of the scaling plan.

Moreover, the solution has intuitive dashboards highlighting winning and unsuccessful accounts to give brokers’ team members transparency to monitor clients’ performance, passing a challenge, balance, and failed objectives.

Integrability and Environment

The solution is available for all MetaTrader-based companies but is especially suitable for firms with operating trading infrastructure, including a trading platform, liquidity management solution, connected PSPs, or CRM system. A web-based nature of the solution ensures transparent integration with all operating items of the broker’s technological environment.

The Prop Pulse Web UI may be customized according to the brand book, involving colors and a logo to align with other parts of brokers’ trading environments and increase brand awareness.


With more than 10 years of experience in investment systems development and such flagship products in their portfolio as cross-server Social Trading and PAMM, Brokeree Solutions suggests established brokerages effortlessly join the growing trend of prop trading and extend their trading offerings.

“With Prop Pulse, we empower brokerages to enter the world of proprietary trading confidently, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances their capabilities, flexibility, and competitiveness. We believe that Prop Pulse will open new horizons for our clients, enabling them to explore new avenues of growth and success in the trading industry” – Andrey Kamyshanov, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Brokeree Solutions.

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