Fortwix Prices for Clients’ Success

Fortwix Prices for Clients’ Success

At Fortwix, the prices our clients pay for order fulfillment services are not just focused on the numbers. Some of the most valuable benefits are reflected in our breadth of services and the number of free perks we include.

While there are many order fulfillment providers to choose from, our pricing plans are among the most competitive in the industry. And these plans are designed to help your business achieve the highest level of success.

Personalized and Detailed

Fortwix works with clients to structure service plans to meet the needs of their businesses. All you have to do is share your business goals with us and our expert staff members will determine which services offer the most substantial benefit to your company.

Our customizable service plans work for all size companies, no matter the volume of business your company handles. Our staff will ask you about your products, storage requirements, and sales to be precise as possible before presenting you with a personalized and detailed service plan.

Once Fortwix has collected all the necessary information, we feed them into our state-of-the-art software for analysis. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) is put to work. “It will compile all of the data and use it to present you with a multi-faceted plan that is within your budget,” the company points out on its website at

Our software will figure out the cost and whether you should pay per unit or pay for a specific duration. It will also find the best shipping rates. And best of all, the software will decide if your company will benefit from other free services we offer.

Our Perks

At Fortwix, our free perks add a level of value that ensures our clients accomplish their business goals. The customized plans include extensive discounts, a personalized approach, AI, inventory management, and order management.

Other freebies are:

  • No setup or onboarding cost
  • No long-term storage fees
  • White-label service
  • Pay-as-you-go service
  • Integration with shopping carts
  • Returns management
  • Free standard packaging
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Dedicated customer support

We are Different

Fortwix, which is owned by Lab Tech, has a competitive pricing structure in the industry. Here are some differences among order fulfillment services.

At Fulfillify, the company’s pick and pack fees are based on monthly volumes. For example, average monthly orders are $1.99 for each order, and the average number of items per order is $.50 per item. Also, the average number of pallets of product stored in the company’s warehouse is $12.50 per pallet.

At Shipmonk, there is a fee for running accounts on its platform and the support it provides. And the company’s minimum pick and pack fee is $250 a month. Added to that, Shipmonk charges $.15 – $2 for packaging materials.

Shipmonk, however, does not charge for receiving inventory as long as the business client meets specific guidelines. However, clients will pay $2.50 per carton if fewer than five picking units are in that carton. And products arriving on pallets are free from a receiving fee. And users pay a fee if the cargo has to be taken off a delivery vehicle and placed on pallets.

Rakuten Super Logistics requires clients to submit a “request for quote” ticket to find out how much it will cost them for services. And clients have to meet a minimum of 250 orders each month.

Guiding Hand

To ensure each client takes full advantage of the services Fortwix offers, we assign each a manager. The manager will guide you through the initial first few weeks of using our services and serve as your point of contact.

“They will provide support if any issues arise and work as a liaison between your business and your plan,” the company points out on its website at, which is legally owned by Lab Tech.

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