Five Email Marketing Strategies for the Post-Pandemic Era

Five Email Marketing Strategies for the Post-Pandemic Era

Email marketing is one of the fastest and most effective forms of marketing with a great return on investment. Studies have indicated that businesses marketed through emails had more sales than those that didn’t initiate email campaigns for their customers. Even with various other forms of marketing quickly becoming mainstream in the last few years, email marketing didn’t drop its traditional reliability and effectiveness. So your brand can count on it for deliverables and a steadily growing client base. But if there is anything that the pandemic has taught us, we must always be prepared for the unexpected.

This approach predominantly means that we must redefine our strategies to align our shifting goals in the current socio-cultural context. As we gradually hope to emerge in a post-pandemic world, we are bound to find a change in the way the market functions and customer engagement patterns and responses. To avoid becoming anachronistic, we want to really up our game. So, to help you with your email marketing campaign, we have compiled a list of some pointers that you can keep in mind. These will help your marketing plans stay relevant, effective and allow you to connect with your chosen demographic. 

Boost the Personalization

In times like a pandemic where emotions tend to run high, and people find themselves quite uneasy and uncertain, feeling a sense of stability, connectivity, and the tribe has become more critical than it ever was. With this in mind, you want your clients not merely to view you as a static brand but as a natural, alive, and breathing part of their lives. It all comes down to ensuring that you are there for your audience and establishing a steady and healthy communication channel. Expand your outreach by hyper-personalizing your emails. Include the first name of your client, add references to their locations, etc. These will communicate to your audience that you have been attentive to their needs, demand, and expectations and positively impact the way they relate to your brand. 

Take it Easy with Pandemic-Related Emails

This pandemic phase is indeed crucial, and we shall learn how to overcome the challenges. However, simultaneously, you also don’t want to project an image of ignorance and denial by sweeping the global reality under the rug, as this may make you appear insensitive, harshly mercenary, and inconsiderate. The idea is to remain a concerned and responsible brand and not become a news channel with continuous prompts, alerts, and announcements. So keep the pandemic-related emails to only situations that directly relate to your business. Deploy them when necessary, add any updates on government regulations, precautions, etc. The rest of the time, continue to function regularly as best as you can. 

Focus on Language and Content 

Now more than ever, customers will hate being bombarded with meaningless and irrelevant information. Focus on authenticity; make sure that the products, services, and lead you offer to contribute something that is either necessary or meaningful. Curate your content accordingly. The tone and voice of your email also matter a great deal. Emails should be refined, making you sound friendly and not come across as pushy or forceful. You could always consider enlisting the help of an email marketing company for this aspect of your marketing campaign.

Work on Deliverability 

Your deliverability rate is the unity between the number of emails you deploy and those that end up in your client’s inbox. Any good campaign will adopt metrics to ensure deliverables. Email in moderation out of sensitivity, to be safe. Make sure that the emails you do send do not get marked as spam. Employing good deliverability practices will significantly improve your Click-through rates and open rates. These include excluding spam words and researching the best times to deploy your campaign.

Value Your Current Customers

While you may acquire new customers at this time, we would advise you to also direct your energy and resources towards the customers that you already have. While there may be an economic decline, you will find that clients are still willingly engaged with your brand. You want to work on fostering and maintaining these connections. Consider sending out surveys to see how your clients feel about your brand in real-time and what you could potentially be offering right now. Various factors will be specific to your business that have to be taken into account. Essentially, you want to show your customers that you are genuinely interested in their satisfaction and maintain your brand integrity even in more challenging situations. This approach will allow them to see you in a favourable light and help your brand reputation and image, earn your customers’ loyalty and bring in more customers over time.

Bottom Line


Research shows that it is easier to engage your previous consumers instead of convincing the leads. Thus, a brand shall focus more on prioritizing current consumers through engaging and authentic emails. Also on the other hand, it is highly recommended to focus on the quality of the content and email deliverability to effectively utilize the email marketing approach. Here we have covered some of the crucial Email Marketing Strategies for the post-pandemic era and we hope you find these tips helpful!