Automated Bots over Human workforce! What to expect?

Automated Bots over Human workforce! What to expect?

Time and again, movies and tv series have come up with the idea of robots replacing human beings in major businesses. This is not a far fetched dream anymore, especially with the prominence of chatbots and drones doing the same tasks as that of a human being. From integrating technology as an aid to ease our lifestyle to letting it dominate in every major part of our lives, we have come a long way.

Human Jobs replaced by Robots and the underlying blame game!

Though AI bots would take on responsibilities smartly, there are some safety concerns that always would surface in the minds of business owners and consumers. It is said that in the next couple of years, a major part of human jobs would be replaced by robots. Some of the most common job roles that would require least or zero human intervention are as follows-

73% of the waiters and waitresses jobs are said to be at risk as AI bots are smart enough to take orders or serve food but there might be issues that bots might face if they spill food or come across some unwanted accidents.

Being a Shelf filler at the supermarket is something that has been done by humans. There is a 72% risk robots replacing humans in this job would be easy provided robots do not injure themselves while stacking items or injure a customer in the process. Even playing the role of a bartender or any bar waiter is something that can be easily done by a robot. But who is to blame if a glass breaks and a person gets injured? Can a robot understand the severity of the situation with shattered glass pieces all around the bar? This is a gray area in the entire business world that has got no clarity till yet.

Similarly for jobs like farm workers or a cleaner, the robots can perfectly manage to work at the farm. It can seamlessly be programmed to operate an equipment, but what would happen if it fails to understand how to deal with highly inflammable materials? With a 68% risk of being taken over by AI, a robot can easily be programmed to clean, but what would happen if the robot spills harmful chemicals? Who is to be sued in these kinds of scenarios when a robot is working on behalf of an organization? (#SueWho) This has been the question in mind for a long time, be it common people or businessmen who plan to integrate AI in their businesses.

With Covid-19 hitting every corner of the world and taking lives of many, businesses are skeptical to ask employees to come back to work. Especially with the pandemic spreading like a wildfire, it is the talk to incorporate AI robots rather than human beings to refrain from losing more lives. But there has to be a lot of training, safety guidelines and risk assessments that need to be calculated and measured beforehand. Running a business relying on technology is not easy! It is always risky considering AI bots are devoid of feelings or having no idea of how to deal with accidents. So, a lot of work needs to be done with respect to the programming, ensuring safety checks and understanding the risks along with adhering to the safety guidelines established in every sort of business. With time, we will be able to witness how AI integrated bots fare and how well they replace human beings in the job roles.

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