Amir Dayan And His Incredible Journey

Amir Dayan was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and currently resides in London, UK. He is part of an entrepreneurial family with global interests in real estate, hotels, development, and construction among other fields.

The Dayan Family began investing in the real estate business in Europe in 2005. They first began investing in Sweden and Berlin, later expanding to other major cities in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Originally, they purchased assets in Berlin in collaboration with the Israeli funds Migdal Insurance and Call Insurance.

Of interest, Amir’s portfolio includes hotels and office buildings in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The market value of assets under ownership exceeds EUR 3 billion. Amir Dayan has around 50 hotels in Europe, the majority of which are branded as Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Crowne Plaza. In December 2019, Dayan bought two prime hotels in London, the Sanderson and St. Martins Lane, to expand its commercial activity in the hotel sector.

Tough circumstances don’t last forever, but tough people do. That is the case for Vivion group, which is excelling even in today’s difficult local and global economic setting.  Many firms have suffered significant losses as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, which continues to disrupt major economies that had been stable for years; however, the whole management team and operations staff at Vivion worked tirelessly to keep the company afloat in the face of global unpredictability.  Dayan’s company has maintained a resilient and sustainable financing structure, keeping the company always running smoothly.

The Dayan family is also a controlling shareholder and owner of several statehouses and buildings in Europe. Amir Dayan purchased Bucharest’s historic Oscar Maugsch Palace, located near the University Square in 2019. This deal is another example of how Amir Dayan will continue to investigate other market opportunities with potential for rapid growth in order to boost the value of their properties.

According to industry insiders, “the Dayan family has purchased the property” and is currently considering development options for the building, but no final plans have been made. A group of experts is examining the different potential options. The Dayan family believes in the favourable growth potential in the Bucharest real estate market and has extensive experience in property-development throughout Europe.

According to people acquainted with the deal, the transaction’s value exceeds the initial estimate of EUR 20 million by 40%, rising to anywhere between EUR 28-30 million. Romanian lender BCR sold the Oscar Maugsch Palace, which had served as their head office before the bank moved its central offices to more contemporary premises on Calea Victoriei, near the CEC Palace in Bucharest.

The Oscar Maugsch Building was built in 1906, across the square from the University of Bucharest’s palace, and was once the headquarters of General Insurance Company until it was nationalised in 1948. The structure is now designated as a Class A historical monument.


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